No flooring condition is beyond our help. Trust us to give you the best refinishing service.

Our skilled workers employ the best methods to replace damaged hardwood floors.

With handheld saws, damaged floorboards are easily cut out without compromising the rest of the floor.

The smaller handheld cutters allow us to make adjustments for any tricky cuts that are required.

We are very particular when it comes to measurements. You can be assured, we are very precise!

Nail-guns powered by compressed air are used to ensure floorboards are securely nailed down.

Your damaged floorboards are repaired in a manner that makes it look as natural as possible.

Using heavy duty sanders, we are able to ensure all surface damage and imperfections are gone.

With the use of smaller sanders,
those hard-to-reach corners are easily sanded.

We vacuum the floors before and after every sanding process to ensure the refinishing process is at its best.

Floor buffers ensure sanded floors have an extremely smooth texture so the final coat will be even.

We apply multiple coats of finish depending on the hardwood floors in order to ensure its durability.